Thursday, May 7, 2009


I do a lot of laundry - probably 10-12 loads a week. Through the years, I've come up with some strategies to make it easier. The first of which is to always buy the same brand of socks for the same person. Around here, Hubby wears Hanes low tops, Angel #2 wears Hanes womens no-shows and a few pair of what we refer to as 'clown socks' which are so obviously not white no-shows that they're a snap to match, Angel #4 wears generic no-shows and the boys share socks, Fruit of the Loom no-shows. I very seldom wear socks. When folding socks, I don't have to do much matching since everyone has a bunch of exactly the same kind of socks...but not any more. Apparently, the latest fashion statement for the under 12 set is unmatching socks. You actually buy them that way. Of course, I would never do that to myself, but Angel #4 somehow managed to get about 4 pair of these unmatched monstrosities. So, it's not only a matter of trying to match different brands of socks, but I'm expected to match different kinds of UNMATCHED socks. What the heck?

I also have another way of making laundry less stressful for me. Except for inside out socks, which I just leave on a big pile, I fold all the inside out clothes and put them on the respective person's pile. I used to set them aside and make them turn and fold them, but shirts could be lying there for ages before it would get done. So now, everything gets folded, including inside out jeans (WE's particular problem) and I figure that way, if they want to wear them again, they'll eventually have to put them the right way. Once schools out for the year, they'll go back to folding and taking care of the laundry themselves, then none of it will be my problem, but in the meantime, I do what I can to make life easy.

I just realized that Angel #2 was playing with my ringtones last night and didn't put it back to the one I had on my cell. Now, when I get a call, my phone moos at me. MOO

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Tanya T said...

LOL, i still remember the story of how your Angel #1 was embarrassed to have laundry hanging on your clothesline when the school bus dropped him off.Wasn't it your hubby or Chris that went out and bought some super extra large granny panties to hang on the line just before #1's school bus dropped him off? Too Funny! I'm always threatening to hang my son's boxer briefs on the clothesline for the world to see.