Monday, May 4, 2009

you ever see stuff that just ticks you off?

I clicked on a news clip to watch today and before they'd show me the clip, they stuck in a commercial. The one foisted on me was for Duracell batteries. Some mother was at the park with her kid, she turned around and little Timmy disappeared. She instantly goes into panic mode as she sees a van driving out of the park, but thankfully, she's got Duracell batteries in some little GPS device which apparently is hooked up to some chip she has surgically implanted in little Timmy so the kid can't take a whiz without her knowing exactly what he's doing. A short time later, Timmy comes bouncing along with a balloon, mom hugs him and all is right with the world. I am so disgusted by the fact that this company is pushing unreasonable fears on people in an attempt to peddle their product. Remember back when we could play in the park for hours without our parents feeling like they were required to keep constant watch on us? Know what? We can do that with our kids too, only society keeps trying to tell us that everyone out there is a potential pervert out to destroy our kids. The crime rate is down to where it was in 1970, so, if you're my age or younger, your kids are actually SAFER now than we were back then. The odds of a kid getting abducted and killed by a stranger are one in 1.5 MILLION. The odds of them being killed in a car accident are 40 times greater than that, but that wouldn't sell batteries, now would it? Don't get me wrong, I think child abduction is a horrible thing, but how dare some corporation prostitute one of a parents biggest fears to try to sell us something. Let your kids outside to play and enjoy themselves, don't be a stalker parent, let the little buggers have a life.

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