Friday, May 22, 2009

cluck cluck

Hubby bought some chickens today. We've got chicks scheduled to come in the mail the end of June, which is a ways off yet, so we don't really have any kind of chicken place ready yet. But, these chickens were a good deal and already half grown, so we should be getting eggs a whole lot sooner then we originally planned, which is a good thing. Tomorrow is coop building day in addition to getting things ready for Sunday's potluck.

Today, I took our cans and bottles in to the HI-5 center to recycle. The guys were sitting there at their spot, but so was a sign saying the center was closed until either 11am or 12pm because they were 'locked out'. From what I could gather, they didn't have the key to get them into the shed where they keep the can weighing scales and other equipment, so they just sat there in their lawn chairs for an hour or two waiting for whoever had the key to eventually show up. What a fun way to spend a Friday morning. I wonder if they got paid for that?

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