Friday, May 15, 2009


My friend and coffee buddy Renee is moving back to Canada at the end of the month. We decided to go out to lunch and I was going to use my freebie KFC coupons to buy lunch for the both of us and our friend Lydia, who was joining us there. But, of course, our KFC doesn't take the coupons and the closest one that did was 2 hours away in Hilo and I'm not going that far for a free lunch, so we just got whatever instead. I'm sure going to miss Renee though, she was always a good excuse to head off to go Starbucksing.

Renee is also, in addition to being my friend, an artist. Today she gave me 3 paintings she wasn't going to take back to Canada with her and I love love love them. They're all three so different, one is a funky looking vase of flowers, another is an abstract-y looking thing with sweet peas on it that is perfect for Angel #2, it's just so her. The third is everyone in our family's favorite. It's two guys portraits, a tall thin and a shot chubby one, both in robber's masks and black and white striped prison clothes. Angel #4 wants it in her room, but I want it in the living or somewhere where I can see it because just looking at it makes me smile.

The two older kids went to the orthodontist today and it's finally been decided that Angel #2 is ready for braces. Problem is, not only do we not have $5000 to stick in our daughter's mouth, but we also don't have the additional money it's going to take for the oral surgery she's also going to need about 4 months after the braces are put on. Apparently, she's got a tooth that is refusing to grow down where it's supposed to and instead has chosen to wander aimlessly inside her gums looking for a good time and cheap thrills. So the surgeon needs to cut her gum open and rassle that tooth into submission. It's always something, ya know?

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