Sunday, May 31, 2009


I took the girls shopping today for our trip to the Mainland. The boys and I went about 2 weeks ago and I got their stuff, so today it was time for the girls. The shopping experience was totally different since for the boys, shopping for clothes - or anything - is a chore and a punishment. For the girls, on the other hand, it's a religious experience. Angel #4 got 3 new dresses and #2 got 4 new skirts and a couple shirts. I got a new pair of shoes. I think we're all set for our vacation now, which is good since I leave on Wednesday. I'm leaving early so I can go to my writers conference next weekend. The rest of the family will follow on Monday, the 8th, the day school lets out for the summer. Of course, according to the older kids, being forced to spend 2 weeks with their family on vacation will totally ruin their summer and, in turn, their lives, but I'm sure they'll survive a little family together time. And, if they don't survive, hopefully the airline will refund us for the unused return tickets home.

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Shelley said...

Survive? Tell them it is good for their character. All kids just love to hear that. ha ha

Enjoy your time in WI and ON. Wish I could see you.