Monday, June 1, 2009

It didn't sound like he was doing his homework

Today, WE was on my computer typing in his homework assignment. He was giggling his butt off, which doesn't usually happen when people are doing homework. Homework does NOT equal happiness. Turns out, he was reading past journal entries. He said it was funnier to read about his life than when he was actually living it. He's also mad at me for revealing the secret to his time machine. I promised you wouldn't tell anybody.

I'm getting ready for my trip up to the mainland. It's so neat to get e-mails from my friends who tack a little "see you Friday" at the end of them. Since these are people I only see once a year, a "see you Friday" is pretty exciting. I also bought coffee for those who responded to my yearly coffee call. Every year, I walk into the writers conference with all my clothes smelling like freshly roasted coffee. Thank goodness I live in the coffee capitol rather than the Limburger cheese capitol of the US - no one would want to room with me at the hotel.

I took Angel #4 to visit her new school this afternoon. Next school year she'll be going to a different elementary school due to our move in December. She wasn't real happy about leaving the the school she's spent most of her school years at, but now that she's visited the new one, I think she feels a bit better about the whole situation. She even got to meet the 3 5th grade teachers, so she'll at least have met next her years teacher. They also have organized basketball, which she's totally thrilled about. So, all's good.

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