Friday, June 26, 2009

More trip excitement

I wanted to post this little tidbit before I forgot because it's a typical WE moment. While we were in Canada, we sleep in big dorm-like rooms. The first night we were there, the bunks were fairly empty and hubby and the boys were some of the only people up there. But, those people were joined by a bat - yes, a mouse with wings was swooping around over their heads when they were trying to sleep. WE didn't like that thought, so he decided to do something about it. Right as the bat was swooping down, he swung up his pillow, hit the bat who bounced off the wall and fell...right onto WE's toothbrush. The next day, when Angel #2 said she didn't have a pillow to sleep on, he oh so graciously offered his. Sweet kid, eh? A few days later we were out shopping with my brother and I grabbed a new toothbrush for WE. My brother said that we were on vacation so I shouldn't make the kids brush their teeth and I told him that WE actually DID pack a toothbrush himself, but a bat fell on it. You've got to give my bro credit, he barely even batted an eyelash. He knows us well.

Weird goings on here last night. Jake, the Wonder Dog woke me up barking and growling (Jake was barking and growling, not me). He did this twice last night and once on Monday night. What makes this weird is that Jake has barked a grand total of about a dozen times since we got him 2 years ago, and all those times were because a stranger was in/around our house. Three times, I looked around to see what was getting him worked up, but didn't see a thing. I was getting mildly freaked out about this, especially since, with hubby gone, I was the resident, responsible adult in the household. Then, to make matters even weirder, about 10 minutes after I went back to bed, I heard a loud banging sound. I jumped up to see what happened and found one of the wooden stools in the kitchen had been tipped over backwards and was lying on the floor. Strange, eh? Well, hubby's home now, so tonight if something odd happens, he can take care of it while I offer helpful advice from the safety of the bed.

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Anonymous said...

You know, of all the things that could happen to a toothbrush...Hahaha! And what makes it funnier is that I'm not really all that surprised, either. :D
- Afton