Monday, June 29, 2009

the peeping - it drives me crazy

This morning, hubby asked WE and his friend Elijah lightning if they wanted to go pick up some chicks. Both boys eagerly went and they came back with, you guessed it, chicks. The ones of the peeping variety, not of the swimsuit kind. The kids are having a blast with them, which sent Angel #1 down memory lane when he was little and we got our shipment of baby chicks in and they'd drive them around in their Barbie cars.

I'd always assumed that Angel #4, aka the Tomboy Princess got her love of being the center of attention from her father, but I may be wrong. I'd never really noticed it before, but looking back it was obvious, my dad LOVES attention. He likes to make and invent things and is very proud to show them off. When I was a kid, his unipod was a mainstay of camping. The unipod was like a one-legged tripod that had additional arms on it for grilling tools and a tray for holding food, plates and stuff. It always attracted the attention of a few people when we were camping and he'd happily show the curious his toy. He was constantly making improvements on common things (he put a bicycle seat on his woodsplitter so we kids could sit on it and work the handle for the pushing ram to help him during wood cutting season). When we were camping, he unpacked a couple of large, yellow-painted metal wheels and when we asked him what they were for, he simply explained that they were for the grill. It all made sense when the grill came out. My dad has tricked his grill out to look like a steam operated John Deere tractor. Yep, that's my daddy! When this miracle of modern industry wasn't being used to cook actual food, Dad made sure it was parked out in front of the campsite to lure the curious in for a closer look. We even had our family picture taken with it so Dad can send it into the publication the grill company puts out. So, if you get a newsletter from a wood pellet burning grill company and you see a bunch of nerds standing around what looks like an antique John Deere tractor/grill, that'll be us.

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