Tuesday, June 2, 2009

packed and ready to go

This will be my last post for a while. Tomorrow I head off to the wilds of Northeastern Wisconsin and won't get back until June 22. I won't be bringing my computer along, so you all will just have to live without me until I get back....unless, of course, you're one of the people living in the wilds of Northeastern Wisconsin that I'll be seeing when I get there.

I got my packing done this afternoon. We bought these vacuum pack bags to put our stuff in. I put my whole 2 weeks worth of clothes in one, then stuck the vacuum cleaner hose into the little nozzle and it sucked all the air out of it, giving me a solid, heavy, plastic wrapped clothing log. I stuck the log in my roller bag and stashed the rest of the stuff in the corners and into my Betty Boop backpack and I'm good to go and I won't even have a check-in suitcase. My roller weighs a ton though because not only does it have my clothes log in it, but it's crammed full of books. I'm participating in a book signing and am bringing all my own books. So, in addition to the three books I'm taking along for my own reading pleasure, I've go 20 copies of Moxie and Eye of the Beholder as well as an additional book I'm bringing up to give to my dad for father's day. If you knew my dad, you'd laugh yourself silly at the thought of me (or anyone for that matter) giving him a book for any reason, but it all makes sense. I got him a guidebook to the Big Island as an incentive for him and my step-mother to hop a plane and come down here to visit us. It's the best guide book to the island out there. When I went to the store to pick it up, all I had to do was ask my friend Jake who works there where the Hawaii blue books were and he knew exactly what I was talking about. Everyone here knows the blue books. There's a whole series each featuring a different Hawaiian island and I'd highly recommend them if you ever consider visiting down here. I'd also highly recommend you call me so we can do lunch, but that's a whole different subject. Oh, the author's name is Doughty or something like that and the books are the "Revealed" series, such as - Kaui Revealed, Oahu Revealed, etc.

WE had his chorus concert tonight. After hearing them sing, I understand why he hates the class and isn't going to be taking it next year despite the fact that he likes to sing. Out of the 5 or 6 songs the kids sang, only one was in English, the rest in Hawaiian. Which would be fine we anyone actually spoke Hawaiian, but, for the most part - no. So, not only do they have to sing the songs, but they have to do it phonetically without knowing what the heck they're singing about. Sounds like more work than fun if you ask me. The ukelele band did awesome. One 8th grader did a solo of Over the Rainbow that brought me to tears it sounded so good.

Well, I'm off to bed. I've got to get my sleep. My flight leaves at around 12:30 pm tomorrow and all night tomorrow I'll be flying the friendly skies with my tired, rumpled, jet-lagged body finally crawling off a plane in Wisconsin at 9am Thursday. Man, I hate that flight.

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Shelley said...

And to think they have a weather alert with possible frost in the NE WI you have mentioned as your destination. Have fun anyway!