Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the trip - the final installment

On the way home from the Mainland we all went our separate ways. Hubby, the girls and I all left on the same flight out of Wisconsin, but once in Chicago, hubby took a flight to Austin, TX, Angel #4 and I had a direct flight to Kona and Angel #2 took a different flight with a layover in San Francisco - this is the result of everyone flying on frequent flyer miles, it may be cheap, but you can't be too picky about how you get there. Angel #4 and I were seated about 25 rows apart on the flight and it was obvious she was bored - 8 hours on a plane will do that to ya. First she started coming back and bothering me until I told her she needed to get out of the aisles. Next thing I know, she and her new BFF, a United flight attendant, were passing out waters and collecting garbage. She was having a great time helping the crew and they claimed she wasn't being a pain. So, our flight had a layover in Maui and as they were getting ready to land, the flight crew did their usual thank you to the passengers for flying with United, then they gave a special thank you to the Angel and she got a round of applause from everyone on the plane. That's my girl! She also managed to finagle a seat in first class during the short jump from Maui to Kona. She's going to g0 far in this world. Upon landing, we collected all our luggage and I set #4 to guard it while I got the van. To save money, hubby had parked it in the free overflow parking. It's free, but it's also almost a mile away from the airport with no shuttle. After a long flight, the walk was somewhat nice, though hot since it was mid-afternoon. I finally got there and flopped down in the drivers seat in relief only to discover that the battery was dead. I h ad jumper cables but needed someone to give me a jump. Sad thing was, I had to ask 3 different people before someone would give me a few minutes of their time to help me. One guy was in his running vehicle parked about 10 yards away from me, but gave me some lame excuse about why he couldn't help. I find it sad that people aren't willing to help someone in need. Finally a nice young woman who was leaving work gave me a jump. It took all of 2 minutes to do it. I made a mental note to myself to remember that there are very few things that are more important than to help a fellow human being out. When people stop caring about each other, this world doesn't have much going for it anymore.

We decided to put the chickens in a box in the bathtub last night. That way we could keep them in an enclosed area, make it warm and protect them from the cats. One of the chicks died overnight, but that's par for the course.

I got a call from our small local library today telling me that today will be the last day they'll be open. Budget cuts are making them have to close as of July 1st. I was totally bummed since this is the closest I've ever lived to a public library (half a mile) and was loving the convenience of it all. Now I'll have to go to the bigger library downtown for my books - this makes me sad. I was telling hubby about the call and my disappointment when a thought dawned on me and I asked him: does it make me a nerd that the library calls me personally to tell me about their closing? He just gave me one of his "that should be obvious" looks.

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