Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane,'s a Canadian mosquito

Hubby and the kids flew into Wisconsin on the Tuesday after I got there and I met them at the airport. Right away at 6 the next morning, we headed up to Canada for a church convention. We used to go up there just about every year. Though the miracle of modern journaling, I looked back through my old entries and discovered that we hadn't been up there since June of 2005. Four years is a long time and though most of the adults looked pretty much the same, the kids who were kids back then are now teenagers - just like mine. My kids had a great time catching up with old friends and making some new ones, they want to go back again next year. Something that hasn't changed over the years in Canada are the mosquitos. They swarmed over our heads in clouds, it was unbelievable. Everyone there reeked of eau de bug spray for the entire weekend. Another thing had hasn't changed is that that particular convention is known as the 'pie convention'. I'd been jonesing for rhubarb pie for quite a while. I had a piece with just about every meal - I think I gained a ton but man, was it good.

The boys got home last night. Right after picking them up at the airport we headed to Bible study, which is held at a house near the airport. Just as we turned the corner to get on the street where the house we were going to, my van died and wouldn't start again. I put on my flashers and tried to restart it a couple times but it only made nasty grinding sounds. Fortunately, some people also heading to Bible study pulled in and helped us push the van off the road. I was worried about getting home, which made it hard to concentrate on what was being said but my worries were for nothing. My van started right up afterwards and got us home without a problem. But I don't trust it anymore and will be driving Debbie, the Toyota Echo from now on - the van can stay parked unless hubby is around to help if it dies. I think it's time for a new vehicle which would cost about as much as Angel #2's new braces will cost. We may have to come to the point where we have to decide what's more important, a trusty vehicle or straight teeth.

I started a Facebook page today, just because so many people have bugged me about starting one. I don't really get the allure, but I've got 4 friends already, so that's kind of cool. What really freaks me out though is how Facebook pulled out a list of potential friends for me as soon as I signed up. How does it know that I know those people? (And I did know most of them - how creepy is that?)

Tomorrow, I'll give you highlights on the Daydreamer's Family Campout. As you might guess, my family does NOT camp like normal people.

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Shelley said...

Welcome to facebook. When you signed up, you gave it permission to look at your address book. It would have pulled up suggestions for friends from that.

Last time I was at Iron Bridge, they said they were going to phase out the pies. They served yogurt for dessert on Saturday eve and on Sunday. Looks like they still have pies.