Thursday, February 28, 2013

Really? Again?

We had ANOTHER snow day yesterday.  I think we're averaging one a week for the month of February. Thank goodness it's over (February, not winter, we've got another month or two of that) -or will be in a matter of hours.  We got a lot of snow and it was really windy, which made for some pretty hefty drifting in parts of the driveway, some past my knees. Then today, a chicken got out and when I noticed her, she was perched on top of 4 feet of snow it was natural snow, not a drift we made by snow blowing or shoveling or anything, so it wasn't packed down.  There was no way I was going up there to chase her back or I was going to end up in one of those little snow caves like Pa in the Little House books.

Since we were snowed in all day and night yesterday, we didn't leave the house.  We had overnight house guests, two of the ministers from our church.  Since we had a decent amount of people, Angel #4 broke out the Pit game.  Miracle of Miracles, WE didn't loose for a change, but that was only because he didn't play. :p   We decided it was really time to get a new Pit game.  Because our bear card (the most traded card of the game, for those of you unfamiliar with Pit) was totally bent up and worn out, we made one of the spare cards the Bear card, which we also wore out and our second home made bear card is now looking pretty beat-up as well.  Once you wear out 3 bear cards, it's time to get a new game.  We've had the game for only about 10 years - we're kind of rough on Pit cards.

**update, I went outside and she was still perched there so I figured I'd better just climb up the snow and chase her down.  The snow turned out to be really packy, so my feet only went down a couple of inches.  The chicken refused to move, so I had to get all the up there and carry her down myself.  I hadn't realized chickens could be such divas.

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