Friday, February 8, 2013

Do people not keep food in their house?

So, the news says the north east is going to be hit by a snow storm.  It's the north east.  It's February. There WILL be snow.  Why does this always seem to come as a shock to people?  They show pictures of people lined up buying bread and, of all things, water.  What's up with people buying water when a storm is coming?  Do they not have it coming out of their faucets at home?  You take a couple of pitchers, or even mason jars, you fill them from the faucet and line them up on your kitchen floor if  you think you might have a water issue.  It's free (or at least cheaper than buying bottled water) and if you end up not using it, dump it in your washing machine the next time you do a load.  Anyway, back to the snow storm grocery rush.  Don't people keep food in their homes anymore?  Has our society become so dependent on instant accessibility they they don't even know how to keep a little extra food around in case of an emergency?  I find this so sad.  Maybe it's the location.  It snows here in Wisconsin too.  Yesterday we got at least 6-7 inches.  I don't know a single person who felt like they needed to make a run to the store to stock up.  School was delayed for 2 hours this morning, then it was business as usual. Like I said, it's February up north, there will be snow, there's no reason to be shocked when it happens.

Tomorrow, hubs, WE and I are going to spend the day making homemade pizzas for the Optimist Club pizza fundraiser.  I don't think I"m going to have a good time (see what I did there??  tee-hee)  Angel #4 was supposed to help as well and was going to bring a friend along, but she's got a really bad cold and I really don't think the optimists are going to want her sneezing and snorking on their pizzas.  She could pass her cold on to almost the entire town in a single afternoon (I did it again! giggle).

WE bought his girlfriend a tee shirt online for a 6 month anniversary present (I think the monthly anniversary celebrations are eventually going to get old).  The website he bought it from didn't bother to tell him that it was on backorder until 2 days after he ordered it and already took his money.  He's been checking the mailbox for weeks waiting for it to show up, and finally, today, it did.  Just in time, this milestone anniversary takes place tomorrow.  He was so relieved.  He also bought her a Valentine's day present that he has lying in the corner of his bedroom, every time she comes over, he has to run and hide it so she doesn't see it.  He got her a heart shaped box of candy and a fuzzy white teddy bear holding an "I Love You" heart.  He's such a nice boyfriend.  He bought them during our shopping trip last Saturday, while we were at the store, he texted his buddy Alex, who's dating one of WE's girlfriend's best friends (got that?)  He had to find out what Alex was getting Emily, so he could buy his  girlfriend more so he would be the better boyfriend.  I didn't realize that boys had competitions to see who could be the best boyfriend.

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