Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our basketball teams are still cutting a wicked swath through northeast Wisconsin.  The girls just became conference champs and the boys took regionals last night by the skin of their teeth.  Last nights game was 58-56 and Friday nights win was an edge of the seat 58-57, won by a 3 point shot the last second of the game.  This Thursday, they go on to play against the school district where my sister teaches.  I'm gonna have to talk some smack to her.

Hubs is off  again, this time it's Los Angeles and Las Vegas - he's in the Land of the Las (Los) tee-hee  I swear that man is never home anymore.  I can survive as long as I've got a working snow blower and a teen aged boy to work it.  But I worry that poor hubs is missing the wonders of winter in Wisconsin...or possibly that's his plan!  Friday they even called off school, which was an epic fail.  We were supposed to get a lot of snow, so they called it off in anticipation of a blizzard, but we only got a measly inch or two, hardly even a blip on the snow radar.  The weather was much better than it was on Tuesday, when they didn't even have a school delay.  Oh well, can't win them all.

On Thursday, hubs went to fix a guy's furnace.  Money was a bit tight for the guy, so they agreed to a barter.  The man is an antique wholesaler and has a huge barn just packed full of stuff.  I got a small bedside table and a cool looking 1950's chrome dinette set. He also gave me a big starburst clock, it's in  rough shape and the clock itself isn't working, which is why he just gave it to me.  I'm hoping that a little oil in the works and some cleaning on the starburst part will do the trick and that baby'll be hanging over my sofa in all its retro glory before you know it.

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