Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my life - a study in surrealism

Sometimes I look at something, don't think about it, then do one of those cartoon double takes.  Like the time I was talking on the phone, glanced out the window and saw a ladder bobbing past, then brace itself on the roof.  It only took a few seconds for me to realize it wasn't moving on its own and I needed to do some investigating.  Looking a little further down, I saw a 3 year old Wormeater at the foot of the ladder, preparing to go onto the roof.  I didn't waste time trying to figure out why (some things I prefer not to know) but I cut my conversation short and stopped my little Bob the Builder from whatever mayhem he was up to.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, he was also naked.  Well, this happened to me again yesterday, but thankfully without the nakedness (you'd be thankful too, once you hear the rest of this story).  WE and I were driving down the road toward home when we passed an Amish man (complete with beard and suspenders) roller blading down the road.  I kept driving, then looked at WE and asked, was that really an Amish man roller blading down the road???  Yep, we both saw it, so it must be true.

Angel #4 is complaining that I never write about her, so here goes.  My daughter doesn't know how to play guitar, she's never had a lesson and made a half-hearted attempt to teach herself a One Direction song a couple months ago.  Well, last week, she decided that when she and her friend Jenna do their duet at the Fine Arts Festival, Jenna was going to accompany on piano and #4 on guitar.  Yeah, this was last week.  The Fine Arts Festival?  It's on Sunday.  Brimming with confidence would kind of be an understatement.

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