Thursday, February 21, 2013

slip sliding away

Our see-sawing weather we've been having is making a mess of things.  It thaws, then freezes, then thaws again, making ice patches all over the place.  Yesterday on my way home from work, I hit a patch as I was turning into our driveway and ended up in a snowbank.  I wasn't in far or anything, but just enough so I had to call for hubs to come out and give me a little push.  Of course, there was mocking on his part, but I would have done the same to him, so I can't really blame him.  Then, later in the day hubs and I went into town to pick WE up at school, then go to his parent teacher conferences. As we were driving downtown, we saw a man slip and fall and then laid there on his back motionless.  We pulled over and hubs jumped out to see if he could help.  The guy was conscious, but smacked his head pretty hard and was bleeding all over the ice.  He didn't want us to call an ambulance and he was too big for hubs and I to help him up, he was old as well, so not quite so nimble, besides, it was really really slippery there and I didn't want to end up in the same condition as him.  So I ran into a nearby bar to ask for some help, the guy got onto his feet, then they brought him into the bar to call his wife.  He wanted to drive himself home, but that wasn't going to happen, he was in no shape to be behind the wheel of a car, besides, he was still bleeding quite badly.  

Once we shifted responsibility for the man onto the bar (it was their sidewalk that hadn't been properly taken care of and caused the fall in the first place) we headed to the high school.  Now that the kids are older, I usually don't go to conferences.  I figure that if there's a problem, they'll let me know, but since we were going to town to get WE anyway and the school was trying a new thing (open house conferences, just come between 3-7pm) we might as well go.  We got all good reports, which is nice, but also heard there was a bit of horsing around going on, not a big surprise, WE tells stories.  And even though WE is no longer in chemistry, I swung by to talk to the chemistry teacher.  Angel #2 told me he was really good looking and I should check him out if I got the chance, so I did - she was right.

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mommustwrite said...

The sidewalks around here are horrible, too. Lenny's been trying to get them cleared, but with the flip-flopping weather, it's not easy. Hope the gentleman that fell is ok.

Sounds like an interesting set up for conferences. I've stopped going to them, too. If I have concerns, or if the teacher does, we usually just e-mail or call each other. Works better for me.