Thursday, February 14, 2013

Asian Standoff

You've heard of a Mexican standoff.  Since my family can't do things like normal people, my kids had an Asian standoff Tuesday night.  An Asia standoff happens when you want to bring your friend (who's Laotian)  home after the high school basketball game and your little sister refuses to give up the front passenger's seat for your friend.  WE refused to leave the school parking lot until Angel #4 let his friend sit in the front seat, #4 refused to acquiesce to his request.  WE's buddy really didn't care where he sat, but being an experienced brother with 9 siblings of his own, was willing to help WE prove his point.  WE refused to start the van or allow the interior lights to be turned on (he didn't want to drain the battery) until #4 moved.  He and his buddy wrapped up in a blanket, put the back bench seat down and ended up falling asleep for a little while. He woke up and realized that they'd been sitting in the parking lot for almost a whole hour and #4 still refused to give up her seat.  WE was afraid he'd get in trouble for staying out too late, so finally started the van, delivered his friend and drove home.  Once home, #4 admitted that she was going to wait a full hour and if he didn't give in, she would have moved.  WE waited 55 minutes.  #4 won the standoff.  Amazingly enough, instead of being mad at each other when they got home, they were happy and joking around.  Go figger.  Tonight they're going to another basketball game.  To make things more interesting, not only is WE taking his buddy home again, but his buddy's little sister is Angel #4's friend and he's taking her home as well.  I told #4 that she and her friend had to sit in the back seat tonight.

WE won the unofficial greatest boyfriend contest today.  The stuffed bear and box of candy definitely got him the points he needed, but the thing that put him over the top was the pillow.  They had lunch and a movie today at school as a fund raiser for Huntington's disease (one of their classmates suffers from it) and they could bring blankets and pillows from home to make their seat on the floor of the gym more comfortable.  WE's girlfriend brought the amazing, as seen on tv, light-up pillow she got from WE for Christmas and everyone was massively jealous of it.  So not only did he win Valentine's day, but he also won Christmas 2 months after the fact.  My boy's got skills.

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Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Stubborn! #4 sounds like my daughter. My youngest son would've given in WAY before WE. My oldest, not so much. He probably would've moved my daughter himself.

Too funny!!!

Oh, and go WE in the boyfriend department!