Sunday, February 10, 2013

making pizzas in my sleep

Yesterday, all the volunteers made about 3000 pizzas, assembly line fashion in about 8 hours. Surprisingly enough, pizza sounded good for yesterday's lunch break and again for lunch today.  It was an entire volunteer effort, with the Jaycees's, Optimists, Catholic Church, high school flags team and who knows how many other organizations working together to raise funds, I think the profits all went toward Children's Hospital or something.  I'm not sure, I didn't ask questions, I just spread the pepperoni and smiled. I was surrounded by 3 foreign exchange students from the high school in our neighboring town and it was interesting hearing them talk about what school is like in Italy, Finland and Germany as well as their experience going to a Packer game (Packer fans attending home games are a special kind of rabid).

I also stopped by the library and picked up a book waiting there for me.  Talking Pictures by Ransom Riggs is awesome!  He's the author who wrote Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, a book so incredible I'm jealous of him for coming up with the idea.  Talking Pictures is non-fiction and is simply a compilation of old photographs and the written notations the photographer made on the backs of them.  These are all pictures from Mr Riggs collection, just simple pictures of regular every day people taken by regular, every day people behind a camera.  They really make you think and my mind keeps wanting to fill in the blanks the short captions leave. Some though, are pretty self explanatory, like the picture of the smashed up car and the note on the back that said it was "for your scrapbook reminding you of the wonderful time we had when you were teaching me how to drive".  It just made the people in the old photos feel like real live personalities rather than just relics of the past.  I highly recommend it.

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