Sunday, February 3, 2013

I've arrived

I was really starting to feel out of the loop this weekend.  Saturday night hubs, Angel #4 and I went to a benefit  for our former neighbor.  She's suffering from cancer and it's really hit her hard. It was held at a local bar, not my usual pick for socializing, but whatever.  I didn't think I'd see many people I knew and had a few concerns about feeling really awkward.  When we first walked in, I was temporarily relieved to see one familiar face a woman I work with and I got to thinking, hey, maybe I'll see some other people I know as well.  But, besides her, and the family the benefit was being held for, I didn't know a single other person. So the three of us just sort of bellied up to the bar and listened to the live music, which was pretty good. The three of us chatted a bit and hubs made a super lame joke, when he complained that we didn't laugh, Angel #4 informed him that it would take a lot more kiddy-cocktails before she found him funny.  #4 and I also had a contest to see who could tie a maraschino cherry stem with our tongues the fastest, of which I was the winner.  So that was about it for the evening and we were home about 9:30, but there was one slightly redeeming feature to the night.  Usually hubs, who's an uber-extrovert, knows tons of people wherever we go, but last night, I ended up knowing more people than him.  Though my acquaintance factor was a mere 4 people, hubs was only a one - I hadn't realized that he'd never met the lady next door (the one with cancer) or the couple's daughter, he only knew the man.  So, compared to him, I was downright popular.

Then this morning after church, WE said he'd like to go to the local bar/restaurant for breakfast - the high school robotics club was serving there as a fundraiser and his best buddy is on the team.  So we went there to get something to eat and I knew a fair number of people because of my work at the  school and from going to the kids' school activities.  Once again, hubs knew no one, I've really got to get that man out and socializing more.

Then, there was the cherry on the sundae, proving that I'm really becoming a certified member of our small town.  We got a wrong number on the phone this morning, not only did I know the person they were looking for and give them the correct phone number, I also informed the caller that the person she was looking for wasn't going to be at that number today anyway.  It wasn't quite on the level of hubs, who once called a wrong number and ended up chatting with the guy for half an hour, but it's a beginning.  So yeah, I'm connected.

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Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Yay for you knowing more people than Steve for once! :)