Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Proma pt II

The prom voting is done, the votes are tallied and WE is partially happy with the results.  His girlfriend made it and he didn't, which was according to plan.  That way, he doesn't have to hear her pouting that she didn't make it and he doesn't have to rent a tux, required if you're on court, not if you're just going to the dance.  The evil backstabbing girl didn't make it, which made him smile wickedly.  But, only part of his well laid plan met fruition in his effort to cause even more proma.  He voted for his friend, not not his friend's girlfriend (who WE doesn't like) BUT, he voted for the girl that flirts with his friend and makes the girlfriend angry.  He was hoping that his friend and the flirt girl would get paired up for court.  Sadly for him and a huge hindrance for future proma, all three members of this little love triangle made court.  We'll see how this all turns out.

On Friday night, I had a girls night out with my friend Donna, Stacey & Jamie.  The 4 of us hadn't all been together in forever, so we had a massive gab fest.  We also did dinner and a movie and had an overnighter at a hotel.  Much fun (and talking) was had by all.  We're planning on doing it all again this summer, but this time staying at Stacey's family's cabin so we don't have to deal with hotel stuff, plus we decided that one night wasn't nearly enough, so we're going for 2 next time.  I was also shocked to learn this weekend that Stacey has never seen Sixteen Candles, so that horrible oversight may have to rectified during our next get together as well.  How can you go through life without ever experiencing The Donger???  V. sad

I was also telling my friends one of my bizarre family stories on Friday night, this one involving college scholarships, stuntmen and falling off roofs.  One of them said that if anyone else was telling the story,they'd think they were making it up, but since it was me, they had no doubt it was perfectly true because I've got a weird life that way.  Huh, a weird life?  Is that what you call this???  I suppose, looking at the big picture, stuff that I just take for granted as happening and don't think twice about would probably be considered major life events for most people.  I blame hubs.

Friday, the kids don't have school.  Angel #4 is planning on spending Thursday night at a friends house, hubs and I are going to pick her up Friday morning and get her passport renewed.  Her old one is expired and I tried to renew it this summer when WE and Angel #2 got theirs renewed, but because Angel #4 is under 15, her and both parents have to go to the courthouse to renew it, which is a major pain in the butt.  Not only do we have to find a weekday when she's not at school, but hubs has to be around at that time as well.  With all the traveling he does, along with him working and Angel #4 having school, this is well nigh impossible.  But hopefully,we'll have the ultimate tri-fecta on Friday and this will happen.  Stuff is already coming up that may put a wrench in our passport plans, so who knows if it's even going to happen.  It's not like she's planning on going anywhere soon or anything, but it's good to have your passport ready to go in case something unexpected shows up.  Hubs has been talking about an Australia trip for business within the next year, and if he goes, he'll probably take #4 with him, so she really should be ready.


Tanya T said...

Oh yes, you need to get that woman up to date on the movie " Sixteen Candles" , one of the best movies of the 1980's! What girl didn't dream about finding her Jake,after watching that movie!

mommustwrite said...

Will stay tuned to see what happens with all this proma. When is the big event?

Had a fabulous time this weekend and look forward to our next get together and seeing Sixteen Candles again. I hope Stacey appreciates it!