Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring? Where are you spring?

Whoever associated Easter with spring never lived in Wisconsin.  It started out promising with temperatures in the lower 40's but by this afternoon we has stinking SNOW flurries.  What's up with that??  I don't approved.  A friend from Hawaii called the other night.  Hubs has seen him since we moved away, but I hadn't talked to him in ages.  At the moment he's living in Missouri - he's kind of a drifter - and said the snow was all gone down there and temperatures averaged about 10 degrees higher than they are here.  I think we moved too far north.

WE is missing his girlfriend, he's pretty pathetic.  She was texting him the other night and was telling him about a conversation they were having.  Along with her family, she's also vacationing with the 2 foreign exchange students living with them.  She said they were discussing 'beautiful Americans' and both the foreign kids had WE on their list as being a beautiful American.  Then his GF said that beautiful wasn't a word she'd use to describe him and gave him an alternate list, which included handsome, sexy, smart blah blah blah.  Later, when we were having family Bible study, we were discussing humility and that Jesus was a good example of how we were supposed to act in certain situations. "Like your response to the list of nice things your girlfriend said about you," I said.  "What did you say when she gave you a list of your good points?"  WE said he texted back and simply said, "what else??"   Yeah, I think he needs a little more work on the whole humility thing.

We didn't do anything particularly exciting today for the holiday.  I made a big pot of bean soup, which tasted pretty good when that cold front came in this afternoon.  Then this evening, hubs and I watched part 2 of Atlas Shrugged.  We'd watched part 1 about a month or two ago and now we're going to have to wait over a year for part 3, which is kind of a pain, but it's a good story and we're enjoying the movies, so I guess it'll be worth the wait.  It's been so long since I read the book that I can't remember what all happens any more, so now I'm trying to decide if I should re-read it (I think I've already read it twice) or just wait until the final movie installment.  Movies are always a disappointment after reading the book, so it might be best if I just wait.  We'll see how literarally ambitious I am, the book is about a gajillion pages long.

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