Monday, March 25, 2013

dog sitting

WE's girlfriend and her family are going on vacation for spring break.  They left tonight and the GF brought her dog over for WE to dog sit for her.  It didn't take long for Ruby to assert her dominance over Diesel Doggy, she pinned him down and growled in his face - it took him about 2 seconds to turn the alpha canine job over to her.  I noted to WE that the dogs are a lot like their owners and, funnily enough, WE agreed.  At least he admits his girlfriend has him whipped.  We've got Ruby here for a week, the dogs keep switching back and forth from being buddies to fighting over who's in charge.  I hope they get it straightened out soon.

Happily, we didn't get the show that was forecast for Sunday and the weather is supposed to be in the  upper 30's for the rest of the week.  Hopefully that'll melt a lot of the snow we've got lying around here yet.  On my may home from work today I saw deer and turkey all over the place looking around for food.  The deer were looking pretty scrawny.  There's just so much snow left on the ground yet that they're having a hard time finding something to eat.  I thought the 4 foot fence was all bent over and down around the chicken yard so I sent WE out to fix it the other day.  Turns out it's not the fence that's down, it's just that the snow is drifted so high at the fence line that it just looks like the fence is sagging.  It's definitely time for spring to start springing.

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