Friday, March 8, 2013

bringing home the bacon

Now that I'm working outside the house, I'm bringing home a regular paycheck.  It's not much, but it's mine.  Yesterday, I got to literally bring home the bacon.  I'd ordered half a pig and it was ready to bring home from the butcher shop, so after work, I went and picked it up.  I love having a full freezer.

Wednesday afternoon, I went with hubs to drop off some materials at a house where he's installing a furnace.  I'd never even heard of this town before he got this job.  Turns out, according to a huge sign on the edge of town, it's the sturgeon capital of the world.  To think, all this time I've been living so close to the world's sturgeon capital and never even knew it.  There was also a very curious sign at the end of a long driveway that stated it was the:  Home of Cave Racing.  I'm not exactly sure what that means.  All I can envision is a bunch of people running through a maze of caves, and the first to see daylight again is the winner.  I'm sure it's not that exciting, but you never know.  Or maybe it's a car or ATV race that is through a bunch of caves, which would also be interesting.  Sadly, my imagination is more fun that reality in many cases, so it's probably just some guy whose last name is Cave who had a quarter mile mud track set up behind his house.  So on Wednesday on the way home from the Sturgeon Capital, the song Soul Sister was on the radio.  I remember hearing it because when it came on, I thought:  boy, I haven't heard that song in awhile.  Flash forward to today.  Hubs was working on the house and needed me to bring over some materials he needed to finish things up.  I drop the stuff off and head home.  I'm about 5 miles out of town, when Soul Sister comes on the radio.  How weird is that? I haven't heard it in probably a year, then I hear it twice in the same week, while leaving a town that I'd only been to twice in my life.

I thought it was Saturday all day today.  The kids had off from school and were doing Saturday things today and I got totally screwed up.  I hate when that happens.  Except good news!  It's going to be Saturday all over again tomorrow, so how cool is that? Though I can't sleep in, which is a bummer.  But Angel #4 is performing at Solo and Ensemble tomorrow and wouldn't you know it, she's scheduled to go very first of the day for her solo so hubs and I have to be there before 8 if we want to hear her sing.  She's got to be at school for the bus by 6:45 anyway, so someone (aka hubs) has to get up early and drive her there anyway.  She's got 2 more performances after that one as well, snare drum solo and a vocal duet, but she'll be done by 10 at the latest, so we'll be home early at least.  And,  I think one or both of her vocal performances are class A, so if she scores well on them, she goes on to state, which would be kind of cool.  She's got an awesome voice, so it could happen.

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Anonymous said...

Two days leaving a town, two songs, two Saturdays-A coincidence? I don't think so. SS