Thursday, March 7, 2013

this is going to go over like a lead balloon

We received notice today that the school has to make up days lost because of snow cancellations.  The first of these is going to be at the end of the month.  There is supposed to be a half day of school March 27, then, spring break.  Instead, there will be a full day on the 27 and half day the 28th.  If this isn't going to cause enough grumbling, it gets worse.  They also got a day tacked on to the end of the school year, so they get out a day later then originally.  It's not gonna be pretty, folks.

The prom is April 6, so we've got almost a whole month of pre-prom proma to go, then there's the mid-prom proma and of course, the ever popular post-prom proma.  I'm SO glad I'm not in high school anymore, though it is fun witnessing their anguish from afar.  Hopefully, this gets as exciting as the great Junior boys Homecoming rebellion of 2012, when the boys demanded they go to Taco Bell for dinner before the dance instead of to a nice sit-down place.

We just got done dealing with our bank in Hawaii.  This bank had a class action lawsuit filed against them just a few years ago because they were screwing their customers.  By the time the lawyers took their chunk, we bank patrons got a whopping $5.56 reimbursement check.  This time, the bank has decided to start a monthly charge to be able to view your check images online, something we've previously done for free.  Apparently, if you get paper statements from the bank, they mailed you a letter back in November telling you this.  But, if you belong to the majority of the world who lives in the current century and caved to all the save the trees crap they're always shoving down your throat, you get an e-statement.  Those people, the computer literate ones, didn't receive a notice, instead, we were supposed to wander around the banks website to find the notification we didn't know was there, that even now that I DO know is there, I still can't find.  Instead, we magically started getting a service charge taking out of our account and the only way to stop it is to mail them a letter or go personally into the bank and fill out paperwork to opt out.  So, even though we use e-mail to bank, they won't e-mail us important information we need to know and we can't opt out online.  Is it any wonder this bank  gets sued?  So now, we're changing our statement delivery, and we're going to get paper statements instead of online ones, costing the bank more money then if they would just use the same computer they're always trying to get their customers to use.  But it's the only way we'll get notification for the next time the bank is planning on screwing us over.  Yeah, Bank of Hawaii is a bunch of idiots. /rant

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mommustwrite said...

Sheesh, that bank has some crazy policies. It's hard to find a good bank to work with these days. Hope there isn't too much proma. Bummer about the make up days - hate those. I think we have to make up 2 days at the end of the year, hopefully no more than that.