Monday, March 18, 2013

and now with new button pushing capabilities!

I started something new at work today.  Now, instead of hiding out in my office until 11:00, which is when I go to the back and start scrubbing dirty pans, I have to go out to the lunch line at 10:45 and enter the kids lunch numbers into the computer for a half hour before I sneak off to the back to become reunited with the dirty pans.  One of the office staff previously did this job, which left the other office lady in the office to dispense meds to kids who need them.  Apparently, the med dispensing is getting overwhelming, so the other office lady is going to stay in the office for an additional half hour to help dope up the kids.  I honestly don't remember that many kids needing meds when I was in school - are we just producing more of these kids, or are people being over medicated? I tend to lean toward the latter.  Anyway, I'm in training to do the computer lunch number button pushing thing, which will allow me to put names to the faces that I'm seeing every day - possibly.  I've got the worst facial recognition capabilities in the history of, uh....history, so we'll see how I do.

Everyone I know is officially sick to death of winter.  As I'm typing this, the snow is falling down once again and we're supposed to be getting 1-3 inches by the time it's all over.  It seems like whenever my driveway gets almost cleared off of snow, we get another couple inches to cover it up again.  This is getting really old, really fast, people.

Angel #4 has ANOTHER concert tonight.  I think that makes 4 music related events we've gone to in the last month.  This one is mainly for the elementary school and #4's only performance is tone chimes at the very end of the concert, so I'm going to see if I can skip out of this one. I'm getting about as sick of concerts as I am of snow.  Then it's only a matter of weeks before the track meets start and it all begins again (if the snow melts enough so we can actually see the freakin' track, that is).

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