Thursday, April 29, 2010

tired, but in a fun way

I spent the afternoon at Safeway doing Cop on Top. It was a great time, people are so giving and it's always fun spending time with the athletes. A new addition to CoT this year is the dunk tank. Dave, our area director owns one, how can you not absolutely love a man who owns his own dunk tank? For $5, you got three chances to dunk whoever was in the tank, usually it was a cop who would come down from the scaffold and sit in the tank. But, due to a little taunting, harassment and someone offering $10, I ended up in the tank. Yep, IN the tank. That darn Chris got a lucky shot, blast him. But he redeemed himself afterwards by telling me that I won the wet tee-shirt contest. har-dee-har-har I had to call hubby to bring me down some dry clothes, but before I got a chance to change, Angel #4 said she wanted a chance to dunk me. Well, she failed, but Damion, one of the athletes, managed to sink me. I guess he's one of the reasons our softball team took 1st place at area games last month. I told him I was taking him, is it right to seek revenge on a mentally handicapped kid? :p He was so proud of his throwing skills - he even managed to dunk a cop a little later on.

I don't remember them doing it last year, but this year, the cops are doing CoT in shifts and we've had between 2-4 cops on the scaffold throughout the day. Denny's restaurant is so cool, they've donated all the meals for the cops for the entire event. How cool is that? It's especially nice since Denny's is right across the parking lot from Safeway, so we just have a short little jog to pick the food up. I'm going back tomorrow afternoon - I'm bringing extra clothes with me this time. The girl Angels and their friends are going to go too. Hopefully we'll have another successful day and raise enough money to keep Special Olympics going for another year.

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