Sunday, April 4, 2010

breadfruit anyone?

Hubby decided that he was going to find a recipe for breadfruit that the family likes. We've got a HUGE breadfruit tree in the backyard and the thing is just loaded with fruit. The only way we've had it was sliced thin and deep-fried into chips, which were okay, but not worth the effort of making again. So, today, he tried chips again, as well as slicing them into pieces and making them into french fries. He also stuck one in the oven, they're in there baking now. I think he's going to scoop them out and make them like mashed potatoes. He also cut some up and tried them steamed. Yep, all breadfruit all the time. The fries tasted good and the steamed stuff tasted like boiled potatoes, I guess we'll find out how the baked stuff tastes when it comes out of the oven. We're hoping we'll find a couple ways we like them because that's a whole lotta free food out there. Auntie Violet, our local native Hawaiian guru, makes breadfruit salad, which tastes a whole lot like potato salad. I guess I'll have to try that as well.

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