Tuesday, April 6, 2010

and he's off again!

I just got back from dropping hubby off at the airport. He's on his way to Washington DC to see a friend/do a job. He's planning on seeing the sights and, in true hubby fashion, has talked to one of his infamous contacts and is going to be rubbing elbows with some of the uppity-ups on capitol hill. He had to dig his suit out of mothballs for this one.

On the way home I stopped by Lowes and picked up a new faucet for our kitchen sink. Saturday night, ours broke off, shooting water across the room in the process. This happened not too long ago, which tells you that they either make them really chintzy or my family is really hard on kitchen faucets. Anyway, since this happened late Saturday night and the next day was Easter, there wasn't an opportunity to get a new one until Monday, which of course, I forgot to pick up on my way home from work. So I finally got around to getting one tonight. In the meantime, we had to use a substitute since otherwise the water shot out of the little hose thing at huge force and splashed all over the place. Hubby aka Mr. Fixit, discovered that it was the exact same fitting as the handheld shower head in our bathroom, so we screwed it into our kitchen sink hose and using our showerhead as the kitchen faucet. Then, when we wanted to take a shower, we had to unscrew it from the kitchen and put it in the tub. Of course, we'd always forget to do the switch until we were already standing naked in the shower about to turn the water on, so we made a few trips running from our bathroom to the kitchen wearing nothing but a bath towel. It's all good now though and we're back to having a kitchen faucet in the kitchen and a shower head in the bathroom.

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