Monday, April 26, 2010

all kinds of stuff going on

We had a potluck here at our house yesterday as a goodbye to our wonderful friends Denis and DeAnne. They've been our best friends since moving down here and we're going to miss them so much. DeAnne is a traveling nurse and she may be heading up to the wilds of Alaska next, what a huge difference from Hawaii, eh? Anyway, we had about 25 total people here, our friends from the island as well as a couple from Illinois who are here vacationing and were at church with us. It was a very nice time with the perfect amount of food, which is always a relief. Whenever we have something like that at our house, I always feel responsible for making sure there are enough deserts, main dishes etc and I usually make one of each. Angel #2 made peanut butter bars (my potluck standby, easy and delicious) and I threw a batch of Shoyu chicken in the slow cooker. Shoyu chicken is a Hawaiian favorite and one I've learned to love since moving down here.

I've been busy getting volunteers together for Cop on Top, a special Olympics fundraiser. I'm the area volunteer coordinator and this is my first year doing it, so I feel especially responsible for getting enough volunteers lined up to collect donations. Cop on Top is a fun event. Three area police officers live up on a scaffolding set up in front of the Safeway grocery store from Thursday morning until Saturday afternoon. The rest of us stay down below and collect donations. There'll be a live radio feed there, as well as a dunk tank (with a cop or two manning the dunk platform) and a bunch of other stuff. I'm looking forward to doing it and also looking forward to it being over so I'll have one less thing to worry about. There's one more fundraiser in the middle of May, then the fundraising part is over for a while and it'll be back to what Special Olympics is really about, the athletes. Problem is, you can't have the events without the money and you need the fundraisers to get the money. It's a vicious circle. I think Safeway will be sponsoring Cop on Top nationwide this weekend, so if you're grocery shopping and see some cops up on a scaffold, give those volunteers a little cha-ching and make some very special people very happy.

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James said...

Cop on top seems to be a fun event. How do they spend their time up there? Are they allowed to go down for toilet breaks?
Happy trip for the traveling nurses, they might be interested with the medical alliance professionals devoted to taking care of their travel needs.