Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's become an obsession

The guys obsession with the bathroom at work has carried over to our staff. This was confirmed to me yesterday when I asked one of the guys if he'd heard what had happened Wednesday(someone had pulled a particularly successful April fools joke). He said: about the toilet paper? LOL

Angel #2 is a bit OCD - I tend to take advantage of this little trait of hers. When she starts on a job, she doesn't let up until it's done and done perfectly. Yesterday, I took her to work with me because we needed some sales booklets put together. It's not hard work, just slow and putzy and I don't have time to do it. Since we still don't have our van fixed, hubby took the car to go on a job and was going to drop it off for us when he was done so we could drive home. Well, #2 was done with the booklets and hubby hadn't shown up yet, so I put her to work scrubbing the floors in the showroom. Simple vinegar and water wasn't really doing the trick, so I sent her out to get ammonia and a scrub brush. Let's just say that girl puts the "O" in obsessive. She worked for hours on that floor and wouldn't quit, even after hubby dropped the car off and I was ready to head for home. We ended up working until 5 o'clock, just because she couldn't quit scrubbing. She wants to go back to day and finish up, but she hasn't gotten out of bed yet and I've got the feeling that when she does, her arms are going to be too sore to want to start scrubbing again.

WE caught a dove today and put it in a bird coop that he's been working on for the last few weeks. The cats are incredibly interested in this critter and are sitting outside the pen watching it. WE wanted to know what to name it and I said that if he asked the cats, they'd probably say "Lunch". So, we now have a dove named Lunch. I've got the feeling we won't for long though - I don't think that coop is as cat-proof as WE thinks it is.

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