Tuesday, March 30, 2010

toilet paper monitor

Yes, the bathroom drama has escalated (or degraded) to the point where Terry, the bathroom guard, has determined that too much toilet paper is being used in our work bathroom and he asked me to talk to the guys about over usage. Ugh, yeah. He also said that paper towels are disappearing. I mentioned the fact that maybe he should consider the fact that the whole area has become a central meeting area for the local homeless and could they possibly have something to do with this. Things just keep getting weirder and weirder over there, I'm telling ya. Makes going to work interesting though.

Tonight, the family was discussing the fact that money doesn't buy happiness, WE of course, disagreed. He told us that he'd be perfectly happy if he had enough money to afford a Jello house. For some reason, his dream is to some day own a house made completely out of Jello. To think that other people want silly things like yachts, sports cars or mansions.

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