Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Caddyshack school of housecleaning

Thursday morning I got into work and found grit, dirt and other crap all over my keyboard. A little more investigation showed that the crud was over everything on my desk, on the customer check-in counter and the stuff we have for sale on the shelves. The guys had all left the shop to do some outside jobs, so I was there by myself and spent a good 45 minutes cleaning things up and wondering what in the world could have happened to get dirt over everything. When the guys got back, I asked Tony, my boss what had happened. They'd been doing a little construction in the showroom the night before and drywall dust, insulation and other stuff was all over the floor. To clean it up, he took a leaf blower from the back and blew all the dirt out the door (and all over everything in the process). This is the kind of stuff that happens when you work with a bunch of guys.

Yesterday, we went to our friends, Steve and Alice's, 50th wedding anniversary party. We've known them since we moved down here and see them at least twice a week, every week, at church. In all that time, I hadn't known what a romantic guy Steve is. Listen to this and tell me that this guy is one of a kind. When they got married, Alice's wedding bouquet was pink carnations and red roses. On their first anniversary, Steve gave Alice a single pink carnation. On their 2nd anniversary, he got her 2 pick carnations, and so on until their 10th anniversary, when he got her a single red rose. For the 11th, she got a rose and a carnation and, well, you get the picture. Steve has done this for 50 years and this weekend, Alice got 5 red roses. Can you imagine in those early years when he was buying 4 or 5 carnations that Steve ever thought that he'd be buying 5 red roses some day? In honor of this tradition, each of the tables at yesterdays party had a centerpiece of 5 red roses. Isn't that just the most romantic?

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Tanya T said...

Oh wow, i cannot even get mine to remember to take out the garbage,let alone how many flowers to get me each year!