Sunday, March 14, 2010

yeah, yeah, I know

I've been totally slacking in the blog updating department lately. Heck, I used to write just about every day and now I'm lucky if I post once a week. I guess after over 6 years of blog posts, there's only so much you can say.

Angel #1 is heading out tomorrow morning to Oahu to do some JrROTC training on one of the military bases over there. It'll give him a little taste of what basic training will be like, though I think they're a whole lot easier on a bunch of visiting high school kids than they are on the actual recruits at boot camp. A friend who's a former Marine was telling me today a little about boot camp and I'm sure glad it's the Angel going and not me. Our friend told me that he lost 60 pounds when he was in boot camp and I said that if my kid lost 60 pounds there wouldn't be anything left of him. Our friend said they have special markings on the fatties clothing so they only get half portions of food in the chow line (our friend was a marked fattie). He also said that the ones deemed too scrawny, get labeled for double portions and they try to stick the fatties next to the scrawnies in the chow line to mess with them all the more. Sounds like tons of fun, eh?

Talk about fatties, I haven't been able to get to the gym for a workout in over a week now. I've even got a good excuse, with the van still out of commission, I can't stop by after work and it just doesn't make sense to make the drive back to town in the evening just so I can sweat and make myself sore. Hopefully, hubby gets my van fixed soon so I can go back to being the buff babe everyone's coming to expect from me. :p

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