Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tim is no more

One of our baby goats died tonight - she got her tether wrapped around something too tight and strangled herself. She was Angel #2's goat and she'd named it Tim even though it was a girl. The angel wasn't too surprised about Tim's demise since she doesn't seem to have a whole lot of luck with livestock. When the kids were little, we would get each of them a calf to care for during the summer, every year, even though each calf got the exact same food and lived in the exact same pen, Angel #2's calf would always die. It's like she's an animal death wish or something.

We don't get worked up over St Pat's day in our family. Angel #4 says there's some Irish in them, must be on their Dad's side because the only ethnic holiday I can legitimately celebrate is German Oktoberfest and a Dutch kermis, both of which they had up in Wisconsin. Down here they celebrate things like Prince Kuhio Day. Anyway, the town where we used to live had a HUGE St Patrick's Day parade. They even changed the name of the town to New Dublin for the week preceding the parade. Things get kind of nuts up there - it's even crazier than you think when you consider that despite what the calendar may say, March is still technically winter in Wisconsin. The last year we lived there, there was a nasty blizzard the day of the parade. I'm guessing that the bagpipers made an exception and did, indeed wear something under their kilts that day. Of course, something silly like 5 inches of snow doesn't slow things down up there and the parade went on as scheduled. Needless to say, I decided to skip it that year. One year, the Friends of the Library decided to have a brat (bratwurst) fry and sell them during the parade. The brats didn't go over too well, but we drew one heck of a crowd of people gathered around the grill to warm up. There are a few things I miss about Wisconsin - freezing my tail off isn't one of them. But, I AM jonesin' for some deep-fried cheese curds.


Tanya T said...

The big parade is this Saturday and they are calling for 60% chance of snow and temps in the low 30's. They should have held it yesterday (the actually St.Patty's day) for it got up into the high 60's.
I've never been to the parade, i'm usually working,as i will be this Saturday too. I hear it's fun though.

JeanieC said...

Well according to the calendar, most of March is still winter anywhere you go. ;-)

Mmmmmmmmmm, cheese curds.