Monday, March 1, 2010

on autopilot

I'm really super tired, but am forcing myself to stay awake long enough to update here since I know most of you want to hear the exciting adventures of Me vs Tsunami. But, as you also know, it wasn't much of a battle since the tsunami didn't even show up for the fight. Hubby had flown in at 9:30 Friday night after a week long business trip in Texas. He was catching another flight at 7am Saturday morning for Oahu to go to coaches training for the Special Olympics, which meant he needed to leave the house at 5:45am. It was as he was driving to the airport that he noticed the cars parked on high ground and remembered he'd heard about an earthquake in Chili and figured that meant we were on tsunami alert. He called me (I'd just dozed off again) and had me check to see if the airports were open. While I had the radio on and was checking the internet, I got a phone call from my aunt in Missouri telling me about the tsunami alert, then the Special Olympics coordinator called to tell me that the training session was postponed, then the tsunami sirens started going off. It was then I realized that I wasn't going to get anymore sleep that morning. They rang the sirens every hour on the hour until 11am, which is when the first of the waves were supposed to start hitting. We could see the people on low ground driving up to higher from our porch. Since we're up at 1200ft, we knew we had nothing to worry about as far as the tsunami was concerned, and just made sure we had plenty of fresh water stored up in case everything went to pot here. Of course, nothing happened and we all went back to life as usual in the afternoon.

As tired as I was, I didn't sleep very well Saturday night and last night I decided to get a bladder infection in the middle of the night which doesn't do much for your sleeping pattern, so tonight, I'm really wiped out.

We got some sad news this morning. Hubby's mom, who's been battling cancer for the last few years died today. I just got back from taking hubby to the airport to spend a week up in Wisconsin. Though it wasn't too unexpected, you still get surprised when it happens, you know? At least we know she's not in pain anymore.

Angel #1 flew out to Oahu last night (my family seems to spend more time in the air than on land lately). Today he had his military physical and swearing in. My little boy is now a Marine. He's doing a delayed entry, so he won't actually be going in until this fall, so I've got to enjoy the next six months of having my boy home before he goes out to protect the freedom we have in this country and help people from other countries enjoy what we have. I'm nervous and incredibly proud all at the same time.


Tanya T said...

I'm so sorry about Steve's mom!!

Congrats to your oldest.My oldest has talked about joining the military too. It's not something i'm anxious to see him do but if he decides it's his choice and i'm still proud of him. So i know where you are coming from. Sending thoughts and prayers for Steve's family and you too.

JeanieC said...

Congrats to A1 for his decision.