Friday, April 30, 2010

got wet again, but can't blame the dunk tank this time

It was a yucky rainy day today for Cop on Top, which is unusual since it very seldom rains where the event takes place. But at least it wasn't horribly hot like it was last year. Made the dunk tank not quite as attractive though. Both the girl angels spent time in the tank today and got dunked a few times. I dropped them off at around 10 am on my way to work. Angel #2 left around 2, but #4 was having so much fun that it's almost 7:30 pm and she's STILL down there. We had lots of victims for the tank today - our biggest money draw was when one of the cops who'd just gotten off-duty sat in the tank in full uniform, minus shoes and weapons. Because he was in complete uniform we charged $20 for 3 throws instead of the usual $5. He managed to stay dry for quite a while, which was to our benefit because it just made people more determined to dunk him. He made over $100 for us in less than half an hour. Tonight, editors and reporters from the local paper took turns in the tank as well. The dunk tank is turning into a major money maker as well as being a lot of fun. Let's hope for some sun for tomorrow - a person can only take so many cloudy days. Here's the article the paper had about us in today's paper:

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