Friday, May 28, 2010

singing my life away

It was incredibly busy today at work, I came in around 10am and barely had time to take a breath until I left at 5. Everyone was in working today, which is unusual because the past month or so has been slow and all the guys haven't been coming in. So, it was kind of nice to have a shop full of people (if you count 4 people in a shop full) and lots of work to keep us all busy. Once the other guys left, Ryan, a friend of my boss Tony's, came in to work on his own stuff. By that time were were all getting a bit punchy and we were all singing along to the radio while working, mainly The Grass Roots Live for Today. We're not very good singers. I also gave one of our vendors a sample of my sexy phone voice and told him I usually only use it when I'm giving someone bad news and gave him an example by saying "hi James, we can't pay our bill", very sexily (or as sexily as I can). I don't know if it worked or not, so I guess it's a good thing that we CAN pay our bill.

Hubby and Angel #1 left early this morning for Oahu. It's Special Olympics state games this weekend and they're coaching the Kona Saints softball team on to victory. Hubs called tonight and told me they won today and are playing in the finals tomorrow. Go Saints! The Tee-Ball team won a silver so they're done for the weekend already. Most of the athletes are playing two different sports so they've still got swimming, power lifting and/or track and field to compete in yet. I tell ya, those athletes have a whole lot more ambition than I do.

Angel #4 and her buddy are making cookies and I just had to rescue a batch of peanut butter fingers. Just a note, there's a HUGE difference between a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon.

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