Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the drought is definitely over

It just keeps on raining here. After months of dry dust, it certainly is welcome, but a little sunshine would be nice too. We've got solar heated water, and when the sun doesn't shine, the water doesn't get hot. We've got a water heater that we can manually turn on, but really hate to use it unless it's absolutely necessary. On the plus side, all our radishes came up in the garden - minus side, I don't actually like radishes.

Sunday was WE's birthday. My little worm eating monster was 14 years old. He's past the age of eating worms, but he's still the same kind of kid. Today, he came home from school with both hands swelled up. He was playing a game where they slap the back of each other's hands until someone gives in. WE NEVER gives in - he hangs on beyond the point of stupidity, so his hands were all puffed up and beaten, but he didn't give in. I'm so proud *insert eye roll here*

Last but not least, this is a bit late, but happy Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you! :)

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