Saturday, May 8, 2010

rain, rain, go away already!

Yesterday, I replanted most of the garden. Between stupid chickens and annoying bugs, I think all the previously planted seeds got eaten. We haven't had diddley squat for sun lately either, which I'm sure doesn't help. I'm getting a little tired of hazy, rainy days.

Some kind of stomach virus made its way through our house this week. Hubby and Angels #1 & 4 all were flat on their backs for over a day. Angel #1 NEVER gets sick, ever, and he even spent the day lying on the couch moaning. Fortunately, the rest of us haven't gotten it yet and I hope we don't, because it really didn't look like the other three were enjoying it all that much.

For his birthday, WE wanted to go see Ironman 2, so yesterday, opening day of the movie, hubby took him and a friend to go see it. Apparently, he enjoyed it, then spent the rest of the day running around the house with a garbage bag tied around his neck like a cape and an empty ice cream bucket on his head as a helmet and shooting, what I guess were laser beams from his hand. He was always flashing a plastic Samurai sword around. Angel #1 took a look at him, then looked at me and said: makes you glad he's on our side, huh?

For some bizarre reason, WE's cat, AK-47 is losing her fur. She doesn't seem sick or hurting or anything and it doesn't seem to bother her, she's just wandering around with naked back legs. She's starting to look like Dr. Evil's cat on Austin Powers, which is rather appropriate since WE is a 14 year old version of that particular villain. Next, he'll be designing laser beams to attach to sharks. Why have trillions, when you can have billions?!?

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