Wednesday, September 2, 2009


There's a sign on the highway directing us to the WWTP. The road it points out doesn't seem to go anywhere (it's unfinished gravel with a gate across it - but for some reason, gets its own left turn arrow). Anyway, Angel #2 and I have enjoyed trying to figure out what WWTP stands for. Where Would Travis Pee was one of our suggestions, if you were wondering. But, ultimately, we've decided it stands for Whoa, What The Poop? Yes, we're juvenile, but we have fun.

I've got a busy week in WWTP land. Last night, after #4 have violin lessons, #2 and I headed out to the high school to participate in the drivers ed lottery. There are a limited number of spaces available and if they have more kids than spaces, they hold a lottery. Last year, there was room for 30 and 35 kids showed up, but fortunately, Angel #1 was one of the chosen ones. This year, there was space for 60 and 57 kids showed up. For some stupid reason, there has to be exactly 30 kids in each class or they won't hold it. A couple more kids trickled in as the meeting progressed, so it looks good. Angel #2 starts drivers ed the end of September. She's got to be to school by 7am, which will be a bit of a challenge for her, but it's only for a month and a half, so we should be good. Tonight is elementary PTO, which I somehow got myself involved in, after that is Bible Study. Tomorrow, I've volunteered to help with Cop on Top, which is where they erect scaffolding in front of the grocery store and cops hang out up on top while volunteers (aka me) stay at the bottom and collect money for the Special Olympics. That should be a fun time. I talked to one of our bocce ball players yesterday and he told me he and his partner took third in state a couple weeks ago in Oahu - so that was cool. I didn't feel so bad that he and his partner kicked my butt in bocce last month at a picnic we were at.

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