Sunday, September 13, 2009

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days. Angel #2 wanted to go to the fair and we told her we'd give her $20. Wristbands for unlimited rides were advertised for $20 and she decided to put all her money into getting a wristband and use her own savings for necessities like cotton candy and caramel apples. You can't buy wristbands at the fair, you have to get them online and once I finished jumping though all the stupid hoops to buy the dumb thing and having to pay all their stupid extra fees, that her $20 ticket ended up costing $25, what a rip-off.

That afternoon, I decided to check on the sheep and discovered that Claudia had gotten her rope rapped around a branch and was stuck tight to it. I couldn't untangle her and decided to just break the branch off. As soon as it snapped, Claudia freaked out and started running around the tree - effectively tying ME to the tree in the process. I honestly couldn't get out and every time I'd try to lure her closer so I could untangle myself, she ran again. Thank goodness WE was home and he could hear me yelling for help or I would have been wrapped around that tree for who knows how long. Dumb sheep.

Later on, I went to do a load of laundry and noticed the floor was wet by the washer. We'd just fixed a leak there, so I knew the floor should have been dry. Then I noticed that the 'water' was blue. I know that in all the pictures of Hawaii, you see beautiful blue water, but my laundry water looks just like yours, water-colored. Turns out one of my big 64oz bottles of laundry detergent sprung a leak and 3/4 of one was all over the floor, under the washing machine and running down the wall from the shelf where the bottle was. I wasn't sure how to go about cleaning it up, then inspiration struck. Our basement is open, so I figured I'd just drag the hose down there and hose off the detergent, sending it right outside. I started spraying and building up a pretty good sudsy foam when I noticed that despite the fact that we live in hurricane and flash flood country, the person who poured our basement floor never thought to pitch it at an angle so any water there would flow outside. It was all building up in a very hard to reach corner of the floor. After a bit of broom contortioning I finally got it cleaned up, but the floor is still a bit damp down there and now I'm out almost an entire bottle of laundry detergent.

Whenever I'm writing something on the computer and don't know how to spell something, I click on Google and start spelling it to the best of my abilities. Google, intelligent program that it is, figures out what I'm looking for and offers the correct spelling. I figured that was how most people cured their spelling problems now days. Not Hubby though, he's been writing something tonight and kept asking me how to spell things. I would do my Google thing, then give him the correct spelling. After the 4th interruption though, I told him to just Google the blasted thing and leave me alone. He told me that I should want to help him and make life easier for him. Angel #2 (who'd also helped him spell some things) finally gave him these inspired words of advice: Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him to Google and maybe he'll learn how to spell. Words to live by.

This entry is getting long and I still haven't told you all the latest news around here. I'll have to fill you in on WE's spy mission tomorrow if I remember. One more funny thing though. Remember a while ago I told you about the man named Dick Boner? I was talking to someone the other day and ol' Dick's name came up and my friend said he'd seen Dick the other day at the store, but couldn't remember his name so he avoided him so he wouldn't look stupid. My question is: How can you forget a name like Dick Boner?

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