Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the sheep hits the fan

I ended up going to the football game Saturday with just the girls. Hubby and the boys all found something better to do. Our team pretty much dominated the game - it was to the point where I was hoping the opposition got some points so they wouldn't feel too badly during the 2 1/2 hour bus ride home they had ahead of them. Then ended up getting some points, though we still won 44-22 or something like that.

Our landlord brought over a huge bunch of bananas and they were all perfectly ripe and needed something done with them before the fruit flies took over. I ended up making 4 dozen banana muffins on sunday afternoon, the kids should be set for breakfast for a little while now. And I've still got enough bananas left to make a banana cream pie or two. Also, as a thanks to the landlord, I'm going to make him a mango pie tomorrow.

Yesterday, hubby went up to check on the sheep and found the mother sheep, Charlotte, dead. Charlotte was pretty stupid and she ended up strangling herself with a rope. Claudia and Charlie were pretty upset about seeing their mother in that state and spent a bit of time baaing pitiously, but they seemed to have gotten over it and were quiet today. Charlotte was the sheep I'd given a haircut to last week. Her wool was really gross and matted and we'd been waiting for her to calm down and get used to us before grooming her, but she was so spastic and the hair was getting so disgusting, that I had hubby hold her down while I gave her a cut. Guess I could have saved us some sheep wrestling if I'd have just waited, huh? Oh well, as least she made a well-groomed corpse.

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Tanya T said...

Good Old Charlotte, she will look really pretty all laid out! Maybe some lamb chops to go with that banana cream pie?