Monday, September 28, 2009

Are you ready for some doughnuts?

On my way to work today I stopped by the bakery thrift store to pick up bread. My kids go through almost a loaf a day sometimes, so I've got to go cheap. Of course, I also make my own, but they don't like my bread and want the 'good' stuff, aka nasty, pasty generic white bread, so I go to the thrift store and stock up every couple weeks. While I was there, I saw they had boxes of doughnuts for $1 apiece and decided I'd be nice and buy a box for the guys at work. Then I thought I'd also be the worlds greatest mom and buy a box for the kids for an after school snack. Yeah, I'm da bomb. Angel #4, using her awesome math skills, figured out how many doughnuts each person can eat and I pity the fool who goes over their rationed amount.

Angel #2's cat caught ANOTHER rat this morning. That makes 4 in the last week. As much as I'm in favor of her depleting the rat population, I wish she wouldn't have to prove herself. Whenever she catches on, she lays it in the Angel's bedroom doorway, which thankfully, is outside, so she's not actually bringing dead rodents into the house. But, I have to walk right past that doorway to get to the washing machine as well as the rest of the basement. I go through there probably 5 or 6 times a day and seeing a dead rat lying right in my path is just not my cup of tea. And, due to my intense fear of rodents, even the dead ones, I can't even dispose of the stupid things, I just have to wait helplessly until someone gets home to deal with the nasty thing. Fortunately, hubby was still home this morning when I discovered it, so he tossed it into the brush and it was safe to go in the basement for another day.

I heard a story today that supports my feelings on nationalized healthcare. This June, when we were in Canada, I was talking to a friend who needed knee replacement surgery. She told me she's needed it for a year already but was on the waitlist for the surgery, which had to take place in a hospital 400 miles from where she lived because no doctors were available to do it in her area. Because of the long wait, she's also having back problems because of the way she had to walk to favor her bad leg. Flip-flop to a friend in the U.S. who also thought she may need knee surgery sometime soon. She called on Sept 21 for an appointment, got in to see the Dr on Sept 23 and she's going to have the surgery done so she'll be walking well when she goes to visit her children on December 22. My Canadian friend is hopefully getting in for her surgery on October 8. As messed up as it is, I'll take the US healthcare system ANY day.

Oh, remember the 16 glass glasses I bought a couple weeks ago? One broke in the dishwasher, so we're down to 15. I'll keep you updated on the survival rate of the remainder as time goes by.


JeanieC said...

But a U.S. resident who has no insurance will never get the knee replacement she needs. No waiting; just no surgery at all.

Tanya T said...

I just hope they come up with something so that people can atleast afford insurance. I am one of those without insurance too. I pray nothing major happens to me or hubby. The kids are covered thru the state for now.