Friday, September 25, 2009

You-ew, my brown eyed girl

Yesterday, Angel #2 soaked her contacts in red food coloring and went to school with red eyes. It was real nice, her eyes matched her tee-shirt. She freaked a few people out though, including some poor clerk at Dominoes when she went out for pizza with her friends. It was kind of gruesome looking. Then, she decided to dye them brown so she and her best friend could have matching eyes today at school. But, she left the contacts in the dye too long and they turned really dark, so she's going to school with black eyes today. She kind of looks like one of the demon people on the tv show Supernatural, except #2 actually has whites in her eyes, which makes her just weird-looking instead of evil. Though, if Dean and Sam want to come over here to check the situation out, I wouldn't stop them...just sayin' ;)

Tonight is the Homecoming football game at the kids' school. Angel #2 has to go play in the band and I guess we're going to the game. Though going to a Homecoming game isn't nearly as much fun if you're not actually in high school, it's pretty boring actually. I just want to watch some football, not see all kinds of gushy ceremonies and rabid teens trying to out-spirit the other grades in their school. It's usually really crowded then too, since the football games aren't the main social event for the students here that they are for most schools on the Mainland. There tends to be more adults there to watch the game than kids, except for Homecoming, where all the kids show up to hear how their classes ranked in the spirit competitions. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be fun anyway.

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