Saturday, September 19, 2009

are you ready for some football?

Tonight we're going to the high school football game. It's against the next biggest school on the island and hopefully will be a good one. I'm going to remember to bring a butt pillow for hubby as well as myself this time since last game we went to, he gave me guilt feelings because he had to sit on the cement bleachers while I had the foresight to bring a pillow with me and he didn't.

Thursday there was a bomb scare at our Walmart. Someone had left a suspicious looking package next to the store with what could be construed as a threatening message written on it. The store was shut down for 7 hours before the bomb squad announced the box was safe. One of the bocce ball players works at Walmart collecting carts from the parking lot. I visit with him every time I see him there. Last night at practice I asked him how he felt and he said he was pretty scared. When I asked what he did when he found out about the threat, he said, "I ran real fast." I told him he did the smart thing. This particular guy has a special place in my heart. He's so sweet and soft-spoken, but what really clinched it was a couple weeks ago. I was chatting with him at Walmart a couple days after we'd done the Cop on Top Special Olympics fundraiser. I hadn't seen Ray there that weekend, so I asked if he'd been. He said he'd been there on Friday, which explained it since I was there on Thursday and Saturday. But it was what he said next that I loved. He told me that on Saturday he'd been "running at the hotel". I knew that there'd been a fun run for cancer at the 4 Seasons. I thought it was really neat that while we'd been raising funds for Ray, and people like him, because they needed the money for the Olympics, that he'd been out there raising funds for cancer. We thought he needed our help, while he was out there helping others. It all makes a full circle, doesn't it?

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Tanya T said...

Must be something about Walmarts lately??? Here in Neenah Wis, just the other night a man struck and killed a woman with his van.He hit her as she was walking into the store and dragged her under the van for 200 feet. Then fled the scene. I know Walmart gets a bad rap but that's pretty horrific.
Glad nobody was hurt at your Walmart. Your friend sounds like a very sweet guy.