Friday, September 4, 2009

Cops on Top

Yesterday afternoon Angel #4 and I did the Cops on Top fundraiser for the Special Olympics. There's a 20ft scaffolding set up in front of our local Safeway - and 4 or 5 of our guys in blue volunteer their time to spend Thurs morning through Saturday night on top, coming down only for stretch and bathroom breaks. The rest of us hang out down on the bottom and collect donations from shoppers. The guys have a sound system up there and played disco music the entire day - why disco? I dunno, but we were dancing to YMCA and Carwash, shaking our buckets and shaking down grocery shoppers for their cash. They also made use of the microphone, talking to people in the parking lot. One of the single cops was making it a point to talk to all the pretty girls - telling them if they want to call him to just dial 9-1-1. Yeah, he's a smooth operator all right.

Angel #4 collected about 5 times more money than me, she flashes that little blond haired blue eyed girl smile and, I'm not making this up, people would walk past me to put the money in her bucket. No surprise really, she's had 10 years experience getting things out of her father using her manipulating skills - at least now she's using her powers for good.

A damper was put on the festivities when we found out that one of our Big Island Olympians had died that morning. I don't know the details, but we decided to not tell the other atheletes working with us yesterday the news yet - I'm sure they were told last night after they got home.

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