Friday, August 14, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Angel #4

"No matter how much of a tomboy you are, you're still going to have girl drama" Angel #4 telling me how she explained to her boy friend why she and another girl don't get along.

There's a horse expo this weekend. Now, that doesn't get me all worked up, but for Angel #2, who wants to go on to college and learn horse things, this is exciting stuff. I got her out of school early today so she could attend the first seminar of the weekend and tomorrow, she and hubby are going to spend the whole day there. Tomorrow, it's located in a town 40 miles away, so either hubby or I had to go with her and he lost the coin toss. He's better at that sort of thing anyway, when I get in crowds of people, I tend to disappear, whereas he's at his best. So, with him along, the Angel (who also tends to disappear in crowds) will have a better chance of meeting all the horse people on the island, which is a good thing if you're into horses, I guess.

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