Sunday, August 16, 2009

Waddling around

We just got back from eating out at Denny's restaurant. We don't usually go out to eat, it's just too darn expensive, but Denny's had a special program tonight. Angels #2 & 4 along with other volunteers and olympians, shadowed the waitstaff at Denny's, taking orders and that sort of thing and in return, Denny's donated 20% of the checks and all of the tips to the special Olympics. The girls had fun being waitresses and, imo, food always tastes better when someone else makes it, so it was a successful night for all. It was fun chatting with others we knew that also were there for the spec olympics and the place was full when we left, so that's a good thing. The state olympics are next weekend on Oahu, so I hope our athletes have a good showing.

I ended up going to the horse expo with Angel #2 yesterday, hubby had to work, so he couldn't take her. She had a great time and, unlike her mother, knew what all the people giving seminars were actually talking about. I sat through lectures on horse nutrition, cowboy dressage, and matching the right bits to the right horse. There's a worlds foremost authority on bits - who knew? When the lectures involved showing pictures of the inside of horses mouths on a 40 ft screen in the front of the lecture hall, I took it as my cue to escape to the other room with the book I had the foresight to take along with me.

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