Sunday, August 9, 2009

how he spent his summer vacation

Hubby got back from his trip to Wisconsin last night and this afternoon we watched the videos he filmed of his time there. It started with his trip to the EAA, a hu-mungo air show he tries to attend whenever he can. He and his buddy made a sign advertising kisses for $1 and secretly stuck it on the side of the EAA booth where a woman was selling programs, then filmed people's reaction to the sign. The poor woman in the booth had no idea her programs for sale sign had been replaced with one selling kisses. Yeah, my husband's 11 years old.

The next part of the video was my family reunion - this is the 2nd year in a row that hubby's gone to my family reunion without me. The guy just loves my family and gets a total kick out of the reunion. It was great seeing family members I haven't seen since we moved down here, even if it was just on tape. My dad's twin brother and his family all came from Iowa - his 3 boys were the closest things to brothers I had growing up and it was great seeing them and their families. But, the tape really got me homesick and I'm going to see what I can do about making it myself next year and let hubby deal with getting the kids off to their first day of school. He also got a picture of my step-mother's tatoo. Yeah, my step-mother got a little moon tatoo on her arm - my dad's nickname is Moonie (his twin brother's is Sunshine, in case you were wondering - yes, really!) So, with all the kids in my family, our spouses and kids, Grandma was the first of us to get a tatoo. Who woulda thunk? Not me. When hubby told me someone in my immediate family got a tat and said it was the last person I would imagine, he was right, because it never even occured to me that it would be her. Sometimes people surprise you.

The last and longest part of the video was his time at Keller's Lake. You long-term readers may remember that back when we lived in Wisconsin, our whole family would volunteer at a day camp for mentally handicapped adults. We've really missed doing that and hubby extended his trip so he could be there last week. After watching the video, we were all pretty jealous of him. It was so great seeing all those happy familiar faces at the park. Maybe I'll have to squeeze Keller's Lake into my trip next year also.

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Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Yes, you definitely HAVE to go to your next one (but only if you can make the WisRWA conference, too.)

Love all your posts!