Tuesday, August 4, 2009

School's in

The older kids all started school today. WE had a bit of a scare this morning. We never received his final report card for 7th grade and today while waiting for the bus, he started getting a little nervous thinking that maybe he hadn't passed. He finally convinced himself that there really wasn't anything to worry about, he had good grades the first 3 quarters of the year, so figured 4th quarter wouldn't be any different. Then he got to school and looked for his advisory class where you get your classroom assignments and discovered that he was in 7th grade advisory. The poor kid was a wreck until he talked to one of his teachers and found out they'd put him in the wrong class and he was, in fact, really an 8th grader.

The older kids had the usual challenges. #2 never was assigned a 6th period class, so she's got to go in and get one - hopefully it'll be one of the classes she signed up for but didn't get. #1 is doing the summer homework he didn't do over summer vacation.

Angel #2 is doing the master cleanse diet, the one where you don't eat/drink anything besides water and a lemonade/maple syrup concoction. Part of the diet is that you're supposed to drink a quart of warm salt water every day to get your colon cleared out. She was doing that this afternoon and making a fuss over the grossness of the salt water. Angel #1 was sitting there and decided to brag that he could drink salt water without making a huge scene and #2 challenged him to prove it....#1 didn't know what happens to your body when you drink large amounts of salt water. He drank the whole glass full and did a little gloating, until #2 started dancing around the kitchen singing "I gave my brother diarrhea!" over and over again. WE missed the whole thing, so when he came in, the kids told him that #1 drank a whole glass of salt water and there's no way WE was man enough to do it, too. Of course, he picked up the gauntlet. My kids are so darn evil. It's a good thing we've got 3 bathrooms in our house, I got the feeling they're all going to be busy tonight.

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Tanya T said...

LOL, reminds me of the time my brother ate almost a whole package of Exlax thinking it was a chocolate candy bar. Poor kid lived in the bathroom the rest of the day and night.